3.1 System

Functional and design kitchens

With 3.1, copatlife continues its march into the creation of definite relations between function and form, derived from a culture of industrial design.

It uses elements and materials able to create an idea of kitchen space suited for its lifestyle, where design and technology give to the project security and contemporary solutions.

CopatLife designs solutions and forms in order to help to live this space as unique and special.
A continuous research to find formal and aesthetic solutions capable of resolving and characterizing contents and forms to interpret at best the multiple needs of our daily lives.

Copatlife is proud to comply to the California Air Resources Board (CARB2) requirements, the most rigorous environmental standards in the world.


The 3.1 system is characterized by six types of door openings, which allow to interpret in a different way the functionality and aesthetic of Copatlife kitchen. Copatlife realizes fifteen types of external handles, push-pull, “Set” and “Board” as innovative integrated handles, in order to cover all different tastes.

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3.1 systems uses, for the cover of doors and side panels, materials can range from brushed oak to lacquered oak, from matt satin lacquer to glossy lacquer, from innovative materials as fenix, tecnomalta to glass and ceramic gres. Oak is characterized by a very deep brushing, which points out the structure of wood, exalting features of hardness and tangible texture. Matt satin lacquered finish is matt and uniform, the shallow embossing gives a good scratch resistance.

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Tables & snack

3.1 system presents, as news, a snack-bar with a very thick knotted oak finish, tecnomalta and Fenix, in the option with floor-standing end panel and also cantilever with boxed backpanel and internal brackets. We have introduced two new supports “Pole” and “Arrow”, Pole has a cylinder-shaped section double diameter.

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Special 3.1

3.1 system presents a collection of “identifying” special elements, which characterize the room and create an innovation and product recognition. “Plano” boiserie, “Chef System” and “Iol” elements are a new interpretation of equipped panels. “Tuki”, a multifunctional element resting on the top, puts order to the visible container without losing design. Monoside console “Tila” allows to create a cooking area away from kitchen. “Tila console 2 sides” brings together two different areas of the kitchen: cooking and snack, supplying both of them.

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