2.1 System

A new design for your modern kitchen

New geometries redefine the kitchen, new aggregations design all the spaces dedicated to the preparation of food. The containment gives geometry and characterizes the space, becoming a volume always closer to the living, shapes that allow to interpret, with originality and design, the house where the family lives, shares and relates.

Copatlife defines this new project with emphasis and contents using innovative materials and materic textures. 2.1 takes the liberty of new interpretations to all the different contemporary living way, stimulating the new designing creativity. Offering to the final customer the maximum level of aesthetics and functional satisfaction.

Copatlife is proud to comply to the California Air Resources Board (CARB2) requirements, the most rigorous environmental standards in the world.


The 2.1 system is characterized by seven types of openings, which allow to interpret in a different way the functionality and aesthetic of the kitchen. Copatlife offers ten types of external handles, push-pull, “Set” and “Board” as innovative integrated handles in order to cover different tastes, curved recess grip for door with straight edge. Flat recess grip for door with straight edge and built-in handle and door with upper edge tilted to 30° and "GRIP" handle, which offer a complete planning range able to adapt to all needs.

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The 2.1 kitchen system uses doors and panels materials with innovative technical and esthetic features, granting a high scratch resistance and making it easy to clean.

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Special 2.1

2.1 system presents special elements, which characterize the project area and create a difference and a product recognition. In 2.1 there are: open wall unit with a minimum thickness of 10 mm and a system of base and tall units with lateral open compartment and openable door, multifunctional for who want to mix the containment to the built-in appliance.

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Tables & Snack

2.1 system gives the possibility to use different types of tables and snack for design the kitchen’s space. “Lewis”, realized in weld metal, is a system of fixed tables and snack resting on islands. Snack, where worktop and floor-standing end panel are characterized by very thick.

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